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South Carolina Long-Term Care Leadership Academy

Join us to strengthen frontline staff retention and enhance your home’s performance!

Making a Difference in South Carolina

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, SC Nursing Homes have been under tremendous strain with infection outbreaks, new mandates in infection prevention to control the spread of disease, and severe illness and death for residents and staff. As a result, an industry with already high staff turnover rates prior to the pandemic now faces a daily staffing crisis. However, some SC nursing homes have fared better than others. Learn what they did that made a difference and how you can incorporate high performance practices into your daily leadership.

Constellation Quality Health is partnering with B&F Consulting, Inc., experts in nursing home high performance, to support this program. ALL participating nursing homes will receive on-going individualized consultation with practical steps they can adapt to their own circumstances.

Constellation Quality Health will use a 3-Phase Approach:

Phase 1:  Identify best practices used by high-performing facilities and use this as a business model to improve staff retention.

Phase 2:  Provide on-site and virtual support to a cohort of nursing homes to pilot these best practices, adapting them to each home’s unique circumstances. Involve the corporation in the pilot to ensure the pilot meets business needs and is replicable.  Read more…

Phase 3: Spread best practices with additional pilot nursing homes and their corporations, using a virtual Learning collaborative based on the change package from the high performers and the pilot homes. After the Learning collaboration, share business model best practices for statewide implementation.

Lasting Change 

Benefits to Participating Nursing Homes

  • Build skills and systems to support inclusive leadership
  • Create supportive workplace practices for increased stability and reduced turnover
  • Receive assistance with the process of engaging staff in collaboration with problem-solving and reorienting resources and incentives to improve outcomes

Mission Brief

The overarching goal is to help corporations and executive leadership build the skills and systems for inclusive leadership and supportive workplace practices that increase stability, reduce turnover, and provide resident-centered care.

Program provided by The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Services (DHEC) in collaboration with Constellation Quality Health to provide workforce retention and development services for long-term care facilities in South Carolina.

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